Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Word Counts

Yeah, its been way too long since I posted anything here. Life has been interesting, frustrating, busy and all kinds of other things lately. The result has been less of a focus on my writing and more of a focus on putting food on my table. Hopefully there's some light at the end of teh tunnel soon. Never the less, I have managed to do some writing. 

When I look back at what I was couting previously, I note that:
I finally published Sarissa's Sexual Adventures in Sorcery School.
The second Gymnast story was published, 
Sleepwalker 7 was published. 

Nikkirotica 3 has 3 solid stories to it now that I am just trying to have edited. Unfortunately the editor I'd lined up has issues in his own life that has put that on hold. So it's written, it just needs a bit more work and polish before I put it out there for everyone.

And then there's the dark room, the story that I am probably asked to finish more than any other. I am happy to advise that I have made progress. At last report there were 55,000 words, This is now standing at 62,000 words, an extra 7,000!

Anyway, that was all for now, I hope that you're all doing well and staying happy!

licks and kisses,