Thursday, 19 September 2013

Reader's Choice - an Erotic Story Experiment

Some time ago I started an experiment. A friend introduced me to the concept of wiki files and because my mind works the way that it does I wondered ow I might be able to put this discovery to use.

I found that it can be quite a useful writing tool because of the capacity to link back to things repeatedly. Tat meant at as a character developed and important things happened I could track them. I've tended to revert to more standard methods of word processing in recent times but came across the  file that I'd used to experiment with.

It was something a little different - a choose your own sex adventure. You read a bit and then at the end of each piece choose option a or option b.

I never quite worked out what would be a good method of sharing it as I am not tech savvy enough to lock it down so tag people's can't change it, but today I came up with a way to put it to use.

Right here on my blog I am going to introduce a reader's choice sex adventure. I'll post a piece at a time and ask you to choose which way the story goes at the end of each segment. Some segments will be longer an others and depending how quickly we get into bits that I haven't already written posts may take a bit of time to get up in public.

In the end it's an experiment and hopefully a bit of fun.

Votes for which path is taken will be via comments, so if you want a say in where it goes, you'll need to say it that way. If you follow this blog you'll get emails when new posts go up.

I hope that you'll enjoy it and let's see where this little experiment goes. I will try to set it up as an alternate page on this blog, but if that doesn't work I'll have to do it on a separate one and link it. I'll play around a little more when I'm not trying to do it from the iPad.

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