Thursday, 16 October 2014

Nikkirotica 3 - a teaser

There have been some interesting results to my request as to what I should be focussing on and Nikkirotica 3 has certainly been up amongst the lead so far. I have been working on it this week and have surprised myself. I seem to have managed to knock out about 12000 words in the first of the four planned stories to make up this compilation. Unlike Nikkirotica 1 and 2, these stories will be entirely new!

I thought you might like a little teaser:

    Nancy turned to see Brad sitting in the seat that she'd intended to sit in. She had no reason to think anything of it and took the other seat. They quickly set about going through the math. Half an hour in she started to notice that Brad's attention was wandering. He was starting to spend more time looking at her and less time at the books. Productivity was way down.
    "Is it too hot Brad? you seem distracted."
    She was surprised to see him blush. 
    'Shit I've been busted.' Brad thought to himself. In the last 10 minutes, the sun had moved enough that he was once again being presented with that lovely silhouette. It was distracting him a lot. He couldn't help himself and had to keep peeking as if to inscribe the image on his retinae. "No, its ok, its hot, but well, I'll focus."
    Nancy stood up to get some more water for them. The back of her blouse was stuck to her skin with perspiration and she shook it to get some air flow. While she filled the water she undid the top button. She glanced down to check that she wasn't revealing anything more than she should and then returned to the table. She kept her eye on Brad, suspicious. Sure enough, whenever he thought she wasn't looking his eyes would flick to her chest. As suspected, she was the distraction. She wondered what she should do about it. How could she get him to focus without being obvious about knowing what the problem was? As he pondered his math problem, she pondered her moral one. 

I thought I'd find some visual inspiration too ... I found some potential Nancy's. I might even post them at some point soon.

I was really disappointed when I googled "sexy male student in classroom" to find Brad to discovered just how crap the results were. It reminded me once again of how skewed this world is. Anyway for the boys (and the girls that like girls ...) ...

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