Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Dark Room

There have been times when I thought that this piece of work would never quite make it to the point of being published. It still isn't quite there yet, but its getting much closer. I'm at a point where I'm looking for editing/beta reading, so if you're interested in helping me out, send me a message at

The challenge that comes after that is the cover. I have an idea of what I'd like to to be, but I've not been able to find a suitable image that I can afford and use.

Ideally, for me, the image would be of a sexy young woman hanging photos to dry in a dark room, or a silhoutte of a girl in school uniform walking away with a camera dangling from her hand. I haven't found images to suit either of those ideas. I found this one, but it doen't do what I want. Its not a silhoutte, not a unform and not dark enough.

What I have found is the following set of images, which I think I could turn at least one of into a reasonable cover. The challenge for me is whether the image sells the book and matches the story.  To me it needs to be sexy (its erotica after all) and it needs to connect to the fact that the story's premise really centres around the darkroom itself. 

What do you think? Which image do you think would make the best cover? You can vote for your top 3 HERE.

Image 1: I like the sex factor, would likely have to do something about the background, could work well once title blocks etc are in place

Image 2: I like the lip bite, it speaks to the book as does her youth. Not quite convinced though.
Image 3: Love the sexiness of her pout and hair. Not sure it says darkroom, but a contender

Image 4: Love the pose and the model, not so sure about the dress (and the background would have to be fixed somehow

Image 5: Same dress issue, love the spread legs and pose. Could work? If it was in a school uniform ...

Image 6: Love the black and white, like the fact that she's half undressed on a bed, not sure that it says Darkroom

Image 7: Love the bum and the camera, would likely have to work on the background. A contender
Image 8: If she was wearing a school uniform ... but I don't think so with this one.

So there, that's my thoughts and the images to choose from. Let me know what you think. You can choose 3 when you click to GO TO THE POLL

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