Monday, 25 July 2016

Something new from Nikki

Don't fall off your chair! Nikki isn't dead. She's even been writing. I know this will likely come as a complete surprise, but hey, at least it means that you'll get something completely new to read.

There's two things in the works, one complete and about to be published and the other somewhere between 50 and 80% written depending on how long I drag it out for (and by drag it out, don't worry, it will be lots of sex, not filler that makes it longer).

Anyway, a while back someone asked me if I write commissioned works. I've dabbled with reader requests before and some haven't turned out all that well because what they want isn't what I like to write. This was the first time that someone had actually offered to pay me to write what they wanted though. So we struck a deal, I'd take a stab and we'd worry about money if we both liked where it was going. Well it went well enough that I finished it and now I've decided to share it.

The story is about a wealthy student who wants to fuck his teacher (who's about his mother's age). Let's just say he opts for methods other than seduction.

So that's the premise that I now need two things for. A title and cover art. I've decided to see what you think just to give you something to do (if anyone is still actually reading this).

Title options:

1. Nailing Ms. Masters
2. Blackmailing his Teacher
3. Extended Curriculum
4. Suggest something better ...

As for cover art, I've selected a number of images that could work and have various advantages and disadvantages. Ideally it should be a pic of a woman with a bit of maturity, a somewhat stern visage and dark hair. But being a book title image its really about drawing in someone browsing online so that they might actually at least read a preview.

I've put 11 images in, so pick your top 3.

Image 1: Right colour hair, look is okay, sexiness is good, possibly too young

Image 2: Same as image 1, slightly less overtly sexy, but better pose for a teacher

Image 3: Sexiness is good, not quite the teacher look with the clipboard, but I like the glasses and with half the face obscured, the age is less obvious

Image 4: Sexiness is spot on, would be better in a blouse, anonymity is good, perhaps a bit too much business woman rather than teacher

Image: 5 Sexiness is great, dress style isn't quite right, not particularly teacherly

Image 6: Good pose, the pointer makes it look more teacherly, but the sex factor isn't quite as hot.

Image 7:  Sexiness is great, love the glasses, pose reminds me of a scene in the book which I love, but not overly teacherly, more business like and probably a bit young

Image 8: Sexiness is good, love the glasses, pose is okay, but not overly teacherly, more business like.

 Image 9: I like the pose and the blouse, downsides same as 7 and 8

Image 10: Right amount of stern, possibly young, good teacher image, not enough sexy?

Image 11: I like the way the blouse is straining, glasses are good, stern enough, hair colour isn't right.

My only issue is that if its a shutterstock image rather than an istockphoto one, I need to find a way to pay that doesn't involve a credit card (long story). If as I suspect that the most popular photos come from there, I'm going to have to get creative and appeal for help :). But don't let that influence your choice.

If nothing else, I hope you're at least happy that there's something new in the works!


  1. Keep up the writing Nikki. It is excellent, to say the least. Signed your favorite fan (but not in a creepy Stephen King 'Misery' sort of way) :)

  2. I'm really glad to see you're still writing!