Monday, 24 July 2017

Every now and then ...

Every now and then I remember that I have this little blog sitting here and wonder if anyone ever reads it on those rare occasions that I update it. I get a few votes here and there on the surveys and things that I put up, so I guess it's not going completely un-noticed.

The last time that I updated I think I asked what I should be working on and the most popular response was Dating the Wrong Twin. 

I already had Letters to Beth well advanced, so that was the initial focus and guess what? It's ready for publishing. It's actually available for preorder at Smashwords right now! So get on over there and check it out. It's a Nikki Dark book, so I'm sure you'll find it if you search on that author name (with that pesky adult filter off of course).

Based on that last update, way back in April (Shit! I didn't realise it has been that long) here's what's going on in my writing world:

1. Mrs. Moore - a story about a mother who makes some odd choices to protect her daughter and rediscovers her love of cum. (A Nikki Hall book) PUBLISHED!

2. Letters to Beth - a girl relates her descent into depravity to her cousin in a series of letters (A Nikki Dark book)

Projected Length: ~100k words
Status: Available for PREORDER!

3. Dating the Wrong Twin - a guy starts dating one of two stunning twins and slowly discovers that while her sister is sexually adventurous, he's managed to date the conservative, less adventurous twin. The fact that her liberated sister likes him as well presents him with a dilemma. (A Nikki Hall book)

Projected length: 50k words
Status: Started, currently at ~7000 words

4. An Onsen Adventure - a young girl finds herself accommodated with a Japanese college ski team and enters the onsen and explores some cultural exchanges. (A Nikki Hall book)

Projected Length: 5-10k words
Status: Barely started

5. The Med-tech (Working title) - This came to me while watching the film Passengers. I thought, what if that guy could put the girl back into her hyper-sleep. Imagine if he could wake whoever he wanted and tell them that they had a choice to either get intimate with him or spend their journey through space getting so old that they'll never see the destination. 5000 passengers and he has as much time as he chooses to work through different races, body types etc ... (A Nikki Hall book)

Projected Length: 50-100k
Status: Concept

6. The Pregnant Teen Maid - a story that I've already published on literotica really needs to be finished. (A Nikki Dark book)

Projected Length:unknown 
Status: Not started

So there you have it, the latest on what I am up to. If you have any feedback on what you'd like to see me writing or are excited about any of these potential releases if and when they happen, you can always email me at

Licks and kisses,



  1. Yes, people still do read it. Looking forward to "Dating the Wrong Twin".

  2. At least you are still at it..., keep it up your writing keeps folks reading