Thursday, 4 January 2018

What's Nikki working on?

WIth the publishing to The Wrong Twin, you may just be wondering what I'll be looking to bring to you next, so here's a little update. As ever my over-active, dirty little mind is churning away and it's been a while since I went through the list of what is in the works.

1. An Onsen Adventure - a young girl finds herself accommodated with a Japanese college ski team and enters the onsen and explores some cultural exchanges. (A Nikki Hall book)

Projected Length: 20k words
Status: Almost ready for first edit

2. The Med-Tech (working title) - inspired by the movie Passenger, a med-tech assigned to ensure successful commencement of a deep-space journey brings women out of their induced hyper-sleep and basically blackmails them to have sex with him to be returned so that they don't die of old age before reaching their destination. With 5000 passengers on board, he has a lot to choose from!

Projected Length: 50k words
Status: Concept, about to be started.

3. The pregnant teen maid - a story that I've already published on literotica that really needs to be finished. (A Nikki Dark book)

Projected Length: unkown
Status: Not started

So there you go, it's a short list at the moment, but at least it tells you that I'm still writing!

Licks and kisses,


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