Monday, 22 October 2012

Another distraction

I am torn. I keep having ideas for stories and so keep getting distracted and instead of just finishing one off, I find myself splitting my time between my different works.

It means that there's several things in the works, but none of them are as finished as i'd like. There's the Seducing coach that I mentioned previously. I thought it was finished, but then I re-read it and decided that the girls needed to move from indoor volleyball to some summer fun. Have you seen those girls in their beach vollebyall outfits? Damn!

 It's certainly enough to inspire one to write :)

But then I also have a story that I am 90% of the way through where four friends go away on a fishing trip and end up swapping partners and generally having a much better time than they'd planned. I had finished it with one of the characters missing out on the group scene and was going to leave it at that, but it just wasn't the natural end to the story ... so I have to write more.

Focus focus focus. That's what I need!

licks and kisses,


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