Friday, 26 October 2012


I am often asked if my stories are from real life. The answer is yes ... and no. So what inspires me then?

The answer to that is all sorts of funny things. I once wrote an entire story after seeing a girl at the airport. She leaned forward over a rail on her tip toes and her bum looked so good. That lead to me imagining her getting on the plane with some lonely businessman having seen what I'd seen. And that lead to a lot more.

Another time it was a girl walking in front of me in a short skirt on a railway station. A gust of wind showed me her underwear .. and a story was born.

The pool table story came to me after a night at a pool hall. I was watching these two gorgeous guys playing on the next table .. fantasising.

Caravan Park Roulette ... comes from a place I holiday. I've often stood in the shower looking at the gap under the door, wondering what would happen if I snuck into the men's after some hot guy ....

So that's a glimpse of the glimpses that inspire me :)

licks and kisses,


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