Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Story in the making?

I was at the beach over the Australia Day long weekend enjoying the sun, surf and sand. Whilst in the water two girls came in and I was watching because they were both blonde and cute. There were a few other people around, a father and son in particular who were closer to the girls than I was. I didn't't think much more of it other than to hope that the one with the bandeau style bikini top might lose it whilst body-surfing. She didn't sadly.

Anyway, they seemed to be giggling and having a good time but stopped body surfing and staying in the water where it was about neck deep. The father was watching quite closely and the girls seemed to be watching him as we'll.

I caught a few waves and then me girls were leaving. It wasn't until they were nearly on the beach that I realised that they had swapped bikini tops! Suddenly they had mismatched bikinis. And suddenly I wished that I had been part of the fun. I reckon the dad knew what was going on and would have liked to have been in on it too. It could well be my next story :)

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  1. I was on a beach in WA myself that day, but sadly saw nothing to playful. Perhaps I need to look harder.
    Sounds like a good plot though, you should go for it.