Sunday, 6 January 2013

You can't please everyone ...

I received this feedback a little while back and it's been bugging me off and on.


Hi Nikki. I have been reading your stuff for several years, and voting or your great work. But lately you have become all promise with hardly any delivery.
Can't vote if you don't post. Good luck selling your stuff, but it won't be to me. I downloaded the first couple of samples and they are just not as good.
Won't be buying any, or checking your profile here. I guess you'll bring some fans with you, but you must have lost a lot recently by sporadic posts and promising chapters that never show up.
Wish you the best, but you will want to stop messing around your regulars.


I've been trying to work out why it bugs me. After all, it's far from the worst thing that anyone has ever said about my work and I am old enough to know that you can't please all the people all the time.

I think there's a couple of things. 

1. Its anonymous ... if you really are a 'regular' have the balls to provide me an opportunity to respond (the way this was sent doesn't allow that).

2. It claims that my new work isn't as good as my older work. A reasonable amount of what I published at Smashwords was in fact my older work with some additional editing ... especially the first book that I published. So, that strikes me as funny. 

3. All promise and no delivery. When I first started writing some 10 years ago, my life was in a different place and I had a lot more time. I work hard to keep writing and fit it in around everything else.

So to that person that  someone complain about no delivery I offer this challenge ... do better yourself. Find the time and write something engaging, witty, sexy and that people enjoy. I've read enough other free erotica to know that not everyone can do it.

It's great that you've been enjoying my free work for years and I am saddened that you don't think that it's worth the paltry sum that I charge for it now, but when people start stealing that work and selling it as their own, it's time for me to get that reward for my own efforts.

Thus endeth the rant.

licks and kisses,


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