Monday, 17 June 2013

Muses, musing and inspiration

I was thinking the other day (yeah, I do that occasionally) as I work toward the end of my current story and realised that I have reached in my mind the conclusion of the saga. That's something of an achievement as previously I didn't really know just quite how to come to a satisfactory end point. Whether its satisfactory for everyone else is another matter entirely. Some Beta reading might just help with that.

So I was musing, and prompted by a picture that I saw on Facebook, I wondered ... What would Steve, Julie, Adriana and Alexis would look like. I mean, I have obviously pictured them in my mind, but I wondered if I could find something that would capture them. I found a couple, maybe I'll post them here some time.

As a teaser, this is the pic that started me thinking.

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