Saturday, 1 June 2013

Seeking a Title

So the next thing that is planned for publishing is my series about Steve and Julie. There's history to it with Smashwords as someone stole it and published it as their own and then put it up for sale. Thanks to a loyal fan I found out about it and was thus introduced to Smashwords and self-publishing.

I have re-edited the original pieces published at Literotica and added substantially to the tale (some 30,000 words or so). I'm not finished yet, but am wondering what to call it. I thought that my fans might like some input.

Send ideas to

Oh and I might just engage some beta readers. If you've purchased and commented, you might be in with a chance :).

Licks and kisses,


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  1. yay this is one of my favorite stories by you i can't wait till you release it. I think i have an idea for a name I'll email you.