Thursday, 22 November 2012

An appeal

Have you bought one of my books? Have you reviewed it? Out of curiousity I was looking at the top books by rating. Nikkirotica 1 appears on like page 9 or something with 4 excellent reviews. Another one or two good reviews and 5 star ratings and it would move significantly forward in that list.

So ... here's the appeal - please review and rate my work if you've bought it. I'll provide you with a surprise if you do!

Now clearly 5 stars would be preferred, but I'd hate to think that anyone felt pressured to rate my work so high. If you can't give 5, be honest :) or ... save it for another time? Hehe.

I'm also very close to my first 'dark side' book being published. Still debating whether that will be here or not though.

licks and kisses,



  1. Woohoo, I love surprises. And can't wait for the next book. Once you have a few more your rating will skyrocket I am sure. I have no doubt it will get another 5 from me, you've never writen a piece worth any less!

  2. Hiya...... I'm MG Shogun whose has been leaving reviews for your first 2 books. I also plan to leave the review for your latest book as soon my obligations are completed. :D Keep up good work.