Friday, 16 November 2012

Where to put it?

For those of you that have found yourselves here via Lit, you will know some (a lot?) of my stories venture into themes that aren't as run as the mill as everyday erotica. I am close to publishing one of those stories and am stuck with the question of whether to publish it under this name or to use a pen name to separate my 'darker' work from that which I have happily published here.

I'm not sure whether having the even kinkier stuff mixed here will put off people that aren't prepared to read it from reading everything I publish and so shouldn't put it here. The other question is will that work prove more popular and hence do I lose traffic through these works because they're not linked.

It's a bit of a dilemma. I'm very close to publishing that third, kinky book and so will have to decide very soon.

If I do separate the themes, I'll be sure to link to them through Lit so that they can be tracked. I'll also link back to my works as me, Nikki from those books. I just don't know about linking the other way.

Oh and Seducing Coach is still in development. I certainly haven't abandoned it!

licks and kisses,



  1. This is my third attempt to comment lol - rookie errors.

    I for one think that you should publish all of your work here under the one name. The main reason I have followed your work for maybe 10 years is the insight your writing gives a reader into your limitless imagination. For sure that imagination has a darker side, but I am positive that it will go down well and is far more likely to increase your exposure than lose readership. I think you should publish all of your works, the dark, the shade and lets not forget you also have a lot of light too. If you can class celebrities and sci-fi as light lol.
    I really think you should just go for it. It must be a very exciting time for you and I can understand how you might be nervous to open up all your work, but I am 100% certain that you will not only increase readership, but also your fiscal reward. If you introduce even one more person to Nikki's world, then it has to be worth it.

  2. By the way, you're on barnes & noble and everything...I'll get writing reviews tomorrow if you want, I saw at least 5-6 online book stores your selling from without reviews. Mobilise your Lit army and we'll all get reviewing and rating. How exciting is that!