Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rookie Error

I just found out today that I made a rookie error with the Partner Swap. I decided to change some of the names before I published the book. I thought that I'd managed to do a thorough replacement, but today I was informed that the names changed shortly through the book.

Talk about embarrassed. That's why I used an editor for my first book. Unfortunately the cost of doing so hasn't yet seen me turn a profit on my work and so for the second book I decided to self-edit. Guess I didn't quite get that right!

Anyway, I have re-checked and re-loaded the book, so if you already own a copy, please re-download it so that you have the latest and greatest!

If you do happen to detect errors in any of my work, I am certainly appreciative of finding out so that I get the opportunity to correct them

Licks and kisses,


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